a woven life

a parenting and lifestyle blog

Here I am.

Hello, you. Welcome to this blog experience.

My name is Nicole V.W. This website is an authentic experience of homeHere you can find food, me bumbling about with my camera, nourishment for your soul, the odd craft, some parenting diatribes, and you can also follow my family’s journey to greater caloric independence. You might even stumble across a peaceful moment in the out-of-doors, if that is what you need, or a peek into every hour of my day.

I am a twenty-something devoting life to living. I seek to experience a life as self-created as possible. More loving, kneading, mending, homemaking, and growing and less consuming, rushing, and keeping up. This looks like:

  • Sowing seeds for eating
  • Learning to knit
  • Growing patience
  • Making as many hand-mades as possible
  • Parenting with love and attention
  • Lots of fresh air
  • Learning lessons in all of their shapes an sizes, including failures (how they hurt)

A few things about me? Okay, sure. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Missouri Kansas City. I am always reading at least two books and will talk about them with you always and any time. I am a cancer survivor. This is our second season growing food, there is so much to learn. I’ve been sewing since my grandmother taught me fifteen years ago. I will drive my ’98 Ford Contour until it just completely dies. My son’s name is Oren, also Dingo. Michael is the husband. I reside in the wonderful and quirky town of Lawrence, Kansas.

I am so open to comment, suggestion, and criticism. You can reach me at NicoleVW.AWovenLife@gmail.com




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