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Baby Project: complete with popped corn.

Dear reader,

Happy Tuesday.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the morning. Bologna Sandwich actually slept in his stroller, no small accomplishment given that the sidewalks in my neighborhood are largely brick-paved. It was warm, but not hot; breezy and bright. It was my notion to set the mood for the rest of the day. I believe that the morning’s energies impact the day’s attitude. So, good times before 10:00 am is equatable to an awesome day.

Thus, we walked. The moon was out. I found an acorn and I told it that it was a little early arriving. I passed a woman and an old beagle. I did some corresponding via cell phone.  And when I passed someone, I would stash away my phone and resume the airy demeanor of mother cracked out on pushing a baby in the stroller. I think it is a funny enough detail that I actually took a break from my phone when passing someone, but now I am telling you about it. I am laughing, honestly.

Notable stroll aside, today has been pretty nice: breakfast and dishes, an afternoon visit with a friend (who donated her hoard of fabric to my life), a nap, some lunch. Now Michael is home and he is going to bake banana bread, but is currently on the floor with the baby, telling him “don’t poke me in the nipple!”.

I am going to tell you about another small and funny blip about my life as I am living it. I engage in old school Pinterestin’ because I refuse to sign up for a Pinterest account. How does this work, you ask? It’s called the Bookmark Bar. I snapped today, at the absurdity of this, and signed up for a Pinterest in the name of having everything in one place. Now I have to transfer all of my links. Laughing, again.

The kitchen is a busy place, no? It’s a busy place in our house. Three meals a day and snacks. The dishes are forever and ever. Some glimpses of the past couple of days:

The cabinets are covered in the love rambles of Michael, for the most part. He gets pretty sentimental when he leaves home. One day he left a post-it note that was too cute to toss and it wound up on the cabinet. You can get a glimpse of one, it has a drawing of George snoozing in the top drawer of our dresser. And aren’t those popcorn kernels pretty?

I started sewing again, after coming off the birthday bender. I appliqued some infant bodysuits that I dyed earlier in the summer. The yellow onesie is from the turmeric dye bath and is destined for a home in the city. The gray is Rit dye. They are both thrifted pieces, which makes for interesting dyeing. A white bodysuit might appear stain free, but upon dyeing all kinds of stains come through as lighter patches of dye. This isn’t horrible, it’s just the way upcycling goes sometimes.

The rest of the day? Something invovling yarn. A load of diapers to put away. A cocktail. Pork for dinner. Sewing after (dingo’s) bedtime, reading before (my) bedtime. And almost certainly a lot of “not for Oren”, and “gentle touch” being uttered.

Good Tidings,