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Photography Styling Challenge|Bedroom



Hello November. Greetings beginning of a new month (even if you are one of the worst months). October zipped right on by. How can the best month be so closely situated with the worst month? Ponderings aside, the first of the month brings with it the Photography Styling Challenge. This month we are focusing on the bedroom. I greatly wanted to style Oren’s room for this challenge, because it needs the face lift anyway. However, his bedroom has one North facing window, I couldn’t bring myself to work with this. So my bedroom it was.

I focused less on styling than I did on lighting. The day I shot these photos was cloudy. For some of the photos I reflected light off of poster board. For some closer-up photos I used a hand mirror to play with light. Both of these actions being no easy feat since Ogie-Bogie pants took off with the camera base for my tripod. I’ve not seen the base in weeks. I didn’t have the easiest time capturing cloudy-day shots that were well framed without the assistance of the tripod. I carried on anyway and came up with the following about this space:

The day begins and ends in this room. Nighttime reading, curled under down. Morning toe-stubbing and curtain pulling. Goodnight and good morning uttered on breath minty with paste or stagnant from sleep. A space to cradle dreams. Soft; like when the sheets are clean and the closet is freshly organized. Chaotic; like when the closet is puking and the dresser is weeping socks. Life; like a newborn babe sighing it’s first day of breaths or throwing back the sheets while the world tumbles and rolls around you in hangover. We’ve called this room the bedroom, but I would like to argue that just as much living occurs here as in other rooms of home.



A place where vintage linens can mingle with antique tapestries.



Where collections find home.





Where piles occur like it’s a law of the universe.



Where a wine-rack can be a nightstand, which in my past may have actually been loaded.



Where Chief Joseph is both on the wall and in bed next to me on the back of my husband.

And because I can’t resist showing off the other corners I love:

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I would like to welcome and say howdy to the new participants this month:
Until next time,
Nini Coco

Author: Nicole

Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

6 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge|Bedroom

  1. You have some amazing objets d’art in your home! I love that wall tapestry! In the first photo, I would suggest cropping the sides so that the main focus in on the tapestry and the bed. I think doing this would make a stronger photograph as it eliminates the visual clutter. My other favorite photo is the 4th one. What is that textile in the foreground? The bedspread? Just curious to know how it relates to the tapestry and the overall room. Well done! Look forward to the next one! ~M.

  2. Nicole, I really look forward to seeing your posts. They are so unique and your style is so eclectic and bohemian!
    I love the first tapestry shot, though the patterns on the wall, the pillows and the duvet are a bit conflicting. Still the white sheet peeking from between does balance them out a little.
    You could also have zoomed in to any particular fascinating item for the second shot. I spy a lovely hen and owl (I assume) that would have made lovely characters to photograph.
    I am in love with the shot of the framed picture. It really intrigues me. Which is what a good photograph should do. The juxtaposition of the antique print along with the modern art canvas really works.
    And I am so sad you don’t love November. For me, it is the month of anticipation. Looking forward to the holy season and my birthday falls in this month too! 😉

  3. Oh my! you do have some amazing objects at home. I love how you have styled your room, especially the tapestries on the wall. Very unique. Good job!

  4. Hi Nicole!

    What an interesting bedroom you have! Its always fascinating seeing into other peoples ‘private spaces’ it’s like you’re being let in on a secret. I too think you could have got some lovely ‘macro’ type shots of those beautiful ornaments, which would have made some intresting photographs.
    Well done! Looking forward to seeing your submissions for the next them x

  5. your bedroom is full of treasures! I love the eclectic mix of styles in your pictures. My favorite picture has to be number 6. I love the wall hanging and the photo frame. Very cozy shoot, Nicole!

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