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Mid-October in Middle America.



Hey you. I’ve been meaning to write. It has been a busy month. October is the best, no? We’ve been doing birthdays, receiving mail, hitting the pumpkin patch, painting mal-formed melons from the garden, and attending the Mother Earth News Fair. There was a giveaway, a photography styling shoot, and much brewing about the future. Michael is currently on fall break and we have just been rolling around like hogs in our free time. It has been such a lovely weekend.

For my birthday, Michael, Dingo and I went to the pumpkin patch. Oren loved the hay ride, made the sign for “chicken” and was just totally blown away by all of the fowl on display. It was a windy and chilly day that ended with four pumpkins, three gourds, one pot of chili, and carrot cake. Tell me about ideal, and I’ll talk your ear off about October.


I can’t tell you how much wonderful mail found its way to me. Almost every other day a new surprise came knocking on my door. Loving cards and letters, poems scratched on pinking-shear snipped construction paper doodled with crayons, boxes packed with goodies. It’s enough to make me skip through the streets in slow motion.

Goodies include: a box of yarn and fabric from my university (goddess) yoga instructor Jennifer. I mean, come on. A box of fabric. Showed up at my door. Oh I melted and died and rolled around in it. I have plans for some of it already. Mikey wrote me a lovely letter (read: tear jerker) and drew a fantastic wizard on the front of the envelope. He also gifted me a succulent and some coconut and neem oil moisturizer (winter is coming). There is a super lovely package from my super lovely Davidge. This one included a hand embroidered cuff, a scarf, and a beautiful card. Someone knows me well. And after visiting us for a night, I received a letter and package from Trinity. Zum face wash. AGH. If you haven’t familiarzed yourself with the Kansas City company Indigo Wild, I can’t recommend enough that you do. Their soap, their candles, their everything. Zum. Yum. Also worth mentioning: a gorgeous coral and leather cuff from my grandmother, it is so autumn.

The love was tangent this birthday to say the least.

More photos!

Michael and I cleared our large raised bed. We pulled all of the melons that weren’t to come to maturity. What to do with them? We painted them, of course! Melons are in the gourd family after all. We had such fun. I focused on geometric patterns, Michael, on his Merlin kick, painted a wizard’s robes of blue and white stars. Oren watched and drooled and mostly whined.



This is a goat. With a pack on. Because here in Kansas, there exists a brilliant company that has trained goats for backpacking. That is right. You can rent a herd of goats to carry your gear and join you on your journey across the land. How nomadic. I couldn’t believe these guys. I decided then and there that our future homestead does not require goats, have you seen a goat’s eye ? No thanks. Although, it does put a stick in our plan of naming our chickens Sophia, Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy and our goat Stan. This tent also harbored the Mammoth Donkey. Which is the size of a horse, but is a donkey. It nuzzled Oren’s foot in the stroller, I was nervous, Oren smitten.

I saw Temple Grandin speak. Total highlight of the whole weekend. She is awesome and spoke on the handling of livestock. Man, did I learn some things. I can now spot signs of aggression in herding animals, I know how to properly pet a large beast (long firm strokes), and I learned that you want your animals to have manners and the method for this is a lot like parenting. She peppered her talk with jokes and quips about her experience with some of the stalls at the fair. She was just baffled to learn that the beekeepers on site fed their bees sugar water and took all of the honey the bees produced, leaving none for the bees. She said something along the lines of “no wonder colony collapse is a happening, some of these bees have zero micro-nutrients in their diet”. I really loved the way she explained how the world looks to her, how she noticed the Mammoth Donkey’s ears going this way and that, how she noted the calm disposition of goats raised to work with humans.

And here is Oren eating an apple and getting his nose tickled by a blade of grass. He would take a bite of apple, hand me the apple, eat a bite of falafel, get his nose tickled by papa, ask for the apple back. Lather, rinse, repeat. He is getting so bold. At one point he crawled off to an older couple and started babbling to them. He sat down with them for quite some time, happy to bask in their love. When he was satiated he crawled back over to tell me all about it.

This month has so much more in store. And I promise and swear to be better about breaking up posts, because lets be honest, this is four-posts-in-one. We are looking at a road trip, Oren and I are venturing out alone. Garden work. Pumpkin carving. Trick-or-treating downtown. Walks and talks. An autumnal celebration. A birthday party. This evening, we are taking Dingo out for his first dinner in a restaurant. Wish us luck.

Thanks for keeping up with us.

Touch your toes today,

Nicole VW



Author: Nicole

Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

2 thoughts on “Mid-October in Middle America.

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Now for some reactions: 1. My GOD that’s a cute baby 2. rollin’ around like hogs HA 3. Happy Birthday! 4. I love the geometric melon, why no pictures of the wizard melon?! 5. What program are you using to make these awesome photo montages? I love the first one with the rounded corners.

    • I don’t mess around when it comes to baby-makin’. I hand select those genes for optimal cute. Thank you for the happy birthday and I have honest intentions of photographing all of the painted melons/pumpkins very soon.

      I used ipiccy to create the first collage-it’s a free program. You should totally check it out, you don’t even need an account. I then utilized a feature while editing that allows for the rounded corners. I am really enjoying playing with it. The other arrangements are the “gallery” options when adding media through wordpress.

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