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The joy of a different day.


Yesterday was a most pleasant day. Filled with most pleasant moments. It was a day of fresh experiences. One needs to have their routine shaken up from time to time, yes? Well, shake it up baby now, yesterday was refreshing.

Oren and I had a very quick breakfast of peanut butter toast and apple sauce so that we would have time to run down to the garden before morning nap. Our melon leaves are crumbling under the presence of squash beetles; these invaders strike again. This is okay though. Michael and I do not have our fingers crossed that the four remaining melons will even come to full ripeness. They are a good 15 inches in diameter, but previous experience has taught us that our melons don’t ripen until they are much larger. We are ready to begin clearing the garden bed, and soon. We are really looking forward to planting cover crops for winter. I am thinking to use crimson clover and cornflowers as a pretty yet effective green manure. We will turn the plants under in early spring.

It seems that everyone at the garden is in our boat, ready for the season change and change of garden bed. One rather proactive gardener has already cleared a good portion of his plot. Our tomatoes are still yielding quite a bit, and we are about to embark upon chopping down our basil shrubs and making a freezer full of pesto. For your viewing pleasure:

Oren and I strolled home, with a hatful of tomatoes. After nap time, we went to one of my most treasured places in all of Lawrence, Kansas: the Social Service League. The SSL is the oldest running service organization operating in Lawrence, dating back to 1863. Proceeds from this thrift shop go back into the community to provide eye exams and glasses for children and adults, as well as other daily necessities. Have an interview? Need a suit? Can’t afford one? They got your back. It’s a great shop, stocked full of pure treasure, and operated by an enthusiastic and loveably quirky individual.  I have yet to leave this place with less than two bags of loot. I’ve never spent over four dollars at time. I can dig that.

So we did this. We thrifted. It was our first visit since the SSL moved to a temporary location while their previous building undergoes renovation. I put Doug on my back in the Ergo and off we went. I found a hardly worn pair of gray Keds. Some clothes for baby. A cowboy hat cookie cutter. A small fork for baby. A way cool winter hat. And this print:


You never know what will wash up. Oh, I also purchased a photo album, you know, to start actually organizing every picture of me pregnant and of Oren since he was born because I have not done that yet. I’m behind. Oren and I then sat in the shade and ate some crackers, drank some water, took a photo for you.


We came home. Papa came home. He had played a show the previous night. He needed rest. Because. Drum roll. We made new friends. And we went to their house last night. And they don’t have children. And they live around the corner. We were so pleased to be embarking on such merriment. We loaded the stroller with beer, banana bread, and roasted chick peas. And walked 2 minutes to new friend’s house. It was delightful. Michael got to geek about metal (music, not element). I got to geek about quilting. They have chickens. And cats. It is hard enough to make friends with the common ground of child-rearing between both parties. But to make friends out of shared interest, well that’s just damn lucky. It was a much needed reminder that we are not just parents and it isn’t impossible to create new ties as adults. We are so looking forward to our next meetup.

Our walk home was memorable. So much so. A storm came out of nowhere last night, the radio promised us it wouldn’t be heading our way. And while we were on the other side of the block from home, we weren’t prepared for a walk home in rain. But that is what we did. We thought we hit a pause in the down pour. No less than three side-walk squares on our way, the skies opened. The scene unfolds: I was carrying Doug, his stroller being drenched.  I wrapped the tea towel used to transport the banana bread around his shoulders like a cape. Michael is pushing the stroller. Both of use are soggying our leather and cork sandals. Oren is laughing like a mad man. Water is pouring down our faces. We round the corner and head into the alley. The sky rips further and suddenly the rain is torrential. Oren stops laughing and begins whimpering. I am giddy and laughing. I make it to the porch, dripping, Michael leaves the stroller in the rain. When was the last time you ran home in the rain? Not a common occurrence for me.

Oren was desperate for bed. I dried him. He whimpered. Cold little thing. He was relieved that his night time routine still existed, he seemed to become uneasy around 6pm when he found himself tired and in a strange environment. I’ve never witnessed him so content to be getting into pajamas. Down he went, out like a light. Michael and I had breakfast for dinner. Him, a fried egg. Me, a hot bowl of cream of wheat. We crashed. Drank tea. Watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the first forty minutes. So cozy. So ideal. It thundered and rumbled.

We made it home with these beauties safely intact:

A dozen eggs from the dutiful chickens our new friends keep. Such dark yellow creamy yolks. So satisfying.

What could make such a day even more fulfilling? This sight:


Autumn officially begins this weekend. This is my season. I spotted this tree on our walk from the garden yesterday AM. I began to explain chlorophyll B to Dougie before stopping myself. Seriously, self? He is one. I instead told him that yellow leaves meant the seasons were changing. A good sign indeed. He was all, mmmhm, yeah, I’m ready for milk, yo.

I wish I could tell you that such a fulfilling day was topped off with a full night of uninterrupted sleep. But this is the stuff of fairy tales. Between Oren coming to snuggle (nurse) at 3am, and being unable to get myself back to sleep, creepily day dreaming about how awesome our new friendship with our neighbors is going to be, I’ve effectively been awake for seven hours already, at 10am.

Another day of many plans. A lot of chores to accomplish. I will be mindful to take a moment to sit and meditate. Maybe Oren will even climb into my lap and enjoy a silent moment with me. If we are going to be honest though, he will either be tearing the house down or slapping my chest and signing for milk while I practice my ujjayi breath.

Beams of rainbow rays shooting out of my love cannon,



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Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

2 thoughts on “The joy of a different day.

  1. Beams of rainbow rays shooting out of my love cannon – I’m totally stealing that! BTW, Saturday morning will find me at the post office, sending a box of goodies your way.

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