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September is for doing.

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As a bit of a introvert, I have been powering through my calendar’s social obligations. Powering. That’s right. As in, pushing through a daunting cardio workout. You come out of it feeling accomplished, but you were hesitant to take on the workout in the first place. Many outings for me are prefaced with a nagging desire to slip into soft clothes and read a book or sew or watch a bit of netflix. Powering through, I am. And pleased as punch to be touching base with so many friends and family members. It is both exhausting and wonderful. The rest of this month is brimming still, but I’ve made it this far.

I picked up Life of Pi this weekend and put it down today, finished. A lovely book. I’ve been reading so much speculative fiction and fantasy these past few years. Every now and then I must surface and quickly tear apart a fiction selection. Life of Pi it was, and it was good. I might even dabble in the film.  I did rather enjoy Ang Lee’s film Ride With the Devil.

Oren is having a hard sleep time. You may choose to read this as: after a weekend chocked full of socializing into the late evening, and finally getting home after eleven two nights in a row, Ogie-Bogue woke at 12:30 pm. This has not happened in ages. Well, being out of our house and staying with the in-laws, I decide to just bring him to bed with me. Awful. Idea. He nursed. Then flopped like a fish all night. Michael was back home one of these nights and I worried that Oren would go right off the edge of the bed because we lacked our other bookend. I think I slept from 3:30 on. Woke at 6:30 to Dingo trying to examine the contents of my skull through my nostrils. Woke to him slapping drum beats off my throbbing forehead. Two nights in a row this happened. I am tired.

You may notice a bat in the above photo. That is the bat that has been terrorizing our front porch with it’s feces all summer. I sweep and sweep and sweep away the guano. Well, Michael finally got radical and lined the top of the window where it has made it’s cave with some lawn trimmings. The bat didn’t seem to appreciate this and has since taken up residence between our half window of winterizing plastic and the window itself. Outside of course. Let me explain the plastic. We didn’t have a ladder to bring it down properly. One spring day I lost my cool and went outside and cut half of the plastic down. It is such an inappropriate fix. But is working well enough that we haven’t thought twice about it. It’s almost winter again anyway, we’ll have a barrier and a half this coming season.

This week is my sister’s birthday. Hey biggirl. This week is my husband’s birthday. Hey poppi. This week a cousin got married. This week a cousin had a third daughter (what luck!). This week I am going to sleep. And socialize. And walk. And garden. We have no fewer than 20 tomatoes on the counter right now. I’m begging you to come by and take three off my hands.

I was at the park this morning, walking Dingo-Pajama-Sandwich for his first nap of the day. Three buzzards were swooping overhead, no more than fifteen feet above us at one point. I thought for sure they were after my stroller-morsel, but they were just scanning the fields and forest. I’ve never seen a buzzard so close. I also saw three fish in a stream, which pleased me to no end. Happy ecosystem. I passed a man walking barefoot, such a jolly walker. We even saw a noble heron take off over water, flying low to the other shore. Pure majestic thing it was. I was so full from this walk that I’ve hardly been able to eat since.

It has been unseasonably sweltering. I am allergic to every pollinating weed this time of year. I sneeze. Dougie covers his mouth with his hand and says “ah”. These walks are mucousy and loud and sweaty but so required in my day. I can feel my blood stagnate on days a long walk does not happen. Tomorrow’s morning walk will be to the post office to drop off a letter. Maybe even a package if I can get it together prior to 9:00 am.

I just wanted to reach across the web and make quick contact.

Because I have missed pouring out my life.

Happy trails to you,




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Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

One thought on “September is for doing.

  1. I love your writing. I love your pictures. I love your parenting and partnering and your being you. I love you to pieces.

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