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Photography Styling Challenge: Wall Vignette


In an effort to improve my ability to utilize my camera’s functions and to find more creative outlets for photography, I’ve taken part in a photography styling challenge. Somehow, despite shooting these photos a week ago, and planning this vignette all month, I’ve neglected to create this post on the first of the month (like, guys, it’s written into every calendar I own: “Photography Styling Challenge Post TODAY!”). And yet. Sigh.

The challenge includes some simple rules: no editing, follow the theme, be as creative as you wish. This month’s challenge was themed wall vignettes. This was really challenging for me because I live in a house whose walls are constantly covered in collections of things. So it didn’t feel very fresh to me, even though I completely dismantled two rooms to get this result.



If there is any cohesive element tying this wall together, I would have to name it thrifted nature. Thrifted and nature? Yes. I can’t express how much I was..challenged….by this challenge. It didn’t feel right to take a picture of the wall as a whole. So I focused on areas that held my interest and really pulled my eye. So the above is the only photo I have of most of the wall that I really liked.


I really love shadow boxes. I filled this one with nuts, seashells, thread spools, an owl. It is topped by fennel, poppy seeds, and soil in jars. I spent so much time questioning if I was working more towards styling the wall or being challenged by photographing it. the photo is of my grandfather.


I was also conflicted about the “wall” vignette spewing down onto the dresser top. Does this count as an extension? Can I focus my lens there? The cross stitch was a wedding gift from Michael’s Mimi, and the vintage children’s book a gift from a friend’s classroom. This shot was more “under” the wall vignette, and at level with dresser items. I actually utilized my tripod. I am learning. That is what this challenge is about. Looking at these photos posted, I would have changed the scope of my vignette. I think I would have focused a smaller area. I would not have changed the palette I worked with. I may have experimented more with lighting at different times of day.

I am really looking forward to the next challenge and am planning planning planning.

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Closing this with a tiny prayer for forgiveness for being a day late. Gracious me.

Yours truly,



Author: Nicole

Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

8 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge: Wall Vignette

  1. Hi! Nice to meet you! I was so glad not to be the only newbie this time around in the styling challenge. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at my entry!

  2. Hi Nicole! Welcome to the Challenge and so happy to have you on board!! I don’t know which time zone you’re in, but I think several of us are still on Monday time (in the US), so to us, you haven’t missed it at all! (just a bit late because we were all anxious to see what everyone did) You really have got the thrifted nature look! And I think that if the dresser is up against the wall, it totally counts as being a part of the vignette. The key is to make the dresser actually look like it’s supposed to be there, so the accessories on the dresser should be curated appropriately.

    I think you’ve done a nice job here. I would’ve liked to see a full on shot of the wall – not an angle, just to see everything as a whole. I think the items on the wall are off balanced because the objects are heavily rectilinear to the right and very round on the left. I would have maybe shuffled the items around to balance the shapes better. There also are a lot of things my eye bounces around to, so I think maybe removing some objects completely from the wall would have resulted in a less cluttered vignette.

    Great effort for the first staging! I’m so glad to finally see it! Looking forward to “morning” next month. Have you already got ideas for what you want to do?? ~M.

    • Hey M!

      Wonderful roundup, huh? I was greatly impressed by all of the participant’s posts. Thank you for your input. I appreciate the feedback so much. I find that having feedback is really helpful for this kind of challenge. The space is actually a little more tweaked now that it’s been in place for a week. I’ve added some more intense pops of colors as well as some black and white photography of skyscrapers to juxtapose the abundance of natural elements. And regarding the balance between round/angular, I’ve created more of an arching arm out of the circular objects to encompass the more rectangular objects. It’s as though the circles now encase the rest of the wall, creating a definite border. I loved styling this shoot. I don’t have anything up my sleeve for “morning but I am chewing on it.

  3. Hi Nicole,
    Such an eclectic, collected vignette. I can see that it is part of your everyday life. It tells a story.

    • You are right! I often circulate the same items in my house, creating new vignette’s when things seems stale. I am a serial furniture re-arranger by nature, but there are incredibly few options for furniture arrangement where I live. So I have to update walls regularly or else I lose my mind. Most of the items pictured are extremely dear to me, the beaded band is a piece my father did in the Boy Scouts, the jars on top of the shadow box hold items that my husband and I exchanged symbolically on our wedding day. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post and leave a comment!

  4. Hey Nicole!
    Welcome to the challenge!
    I think you have a really beautiful and great set up for the styling. The objects you have used are so interesting and seem to have a good history to them. I think you’re right in saying that you should try to zoom in on objects. It would have been lovely to see a close up of the shadow box and the items in it and as well the detail on the cross stitch. I am in awe of your objects 🙂 I remember someone once saying to me that it’s good to have one or two overall shots (side and front on say) and then more close-up shots of the subject, rather than repeating the same shot just from different angles. I think this has really helped focus my mind when shooting for this challenge. I responded to your note on my blog. Thanks so much for the lovely comments.
    Ginny X

    • Ginny,

      Thank you so kindly for taking the time to comment! And thank you for your encouragement. It was quite an anxiety inducing experience for me. I agree with you about the close-ups on details. Not to seem like I am directing you to another post of mine, but the post prior to this one I did focus on some of the details in this arrangement.

      I found that I felt rather constrained by this being a “wall” vignette and I worried that I would stray from the subject if I had spent more time focusing on smaller spaces in the whole. But now, looking back, I realize the shadow box itself and it’s contents on top could have provided my entire focus for the shoot. Live and learn. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing you insight.

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