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On breathing:

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This is a topicless post.

Inhale. Exhale. I am taking some time to recuperate. I have not stopped for days. Birthdaying. Sister visiting. Tromping about far more than normal. Going going going, and scrubbing dishes/vacuuming possible fleas/cooking feasts/baking cakes in between it all. I suppose I also managed to keep our one-year-old alive as well. I need to slow down for a moment. Inhale. And yet, I would maintain pace:crazy if it meant having my sister around as permanent company. She is back safely in Warshtington D.C.

Some more moments of birthday (does it seem like a lot went into ensuring this was a special time of year for someone who isn’t going to remember it? Yes, the correct answer is yes. Circle yes). Here it is anyway, a gathering of friends and babes, some story time, and wrapping paper painted by hand:

Oren’s balloon gets saggier by the day, a sure sign that the pure insanity is winding down. I am finally coming off of the sugar fix. Oren is picking up every object in the house and using it as a phone, he says “Ha?”. It comes out as a question, like, hi? “Ha, ha, ah” in short, conversational bursts. He is just giddy and bubbling with life. Tomorrow is his one year appointment with the doctor. And today he acquired a mosquito bite below the eye that makes him look a puffy-pink-eye mess.

I vow to take tomorrow easy.

I assure you that the above is a lie. My house needs attention. Perhaps I will abandon it, dingo and I will flee to the library and pool. [On second though, I am pretty sure we are having company for dinner. Luke, Eric? If you are reading, forgive the state of things, I can’t clean anymore, or put effort into killer food. Can we order pizza? ]

And a thank you to everyone who wished Ogie-Bogue a happy birthday, or sat up with us until 11:34pm the night of his birthday sharing stories of his birth and looking at photos, and those who came bearing gifts and hugs and dance moves. Your love for this child is what keeps the moon going around the earth.

Photo courtesy of Dani Farr.

Photo courtesy of Dani Farr.


Back to real content as soon as I am breathing more regularly. Inhale.

Sincerely yours,





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