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In the midst of August:


I’ve been missing for a few days, things have been cooking. I’ve been itching to write. I’m sorry I was away so long.

A whirlwind. More breeze to come. I’ve been quite the busy bee. Michael and I had our real date, folks. And it was so rejuvenating. We hit the Crossroads in Kansas City, the old stomping grounds, if you will. Michael and I are largely home bodies, which can often lead to wanting to be back home fifteen minutes into any form of night life. But! This date, was just so perfect. It was all of 80 degrees (that’s in Fahrenheit, shout out to my international readers), not at all humid, and the night scene was surprisingly mellow for a Saturday night. We hit a restaurant called Extra Virgin. I dabbled in an unreal cocktail called The Stoned Cobbler. People. Missouri peaches, gin, bitters, something grapefruity, basil. It was heaven. We nibbled on some duck tongue tacos and chick pea fries. Duck tongue, you ask? Kind of has an organ meat thing going on, chewy texture. The shell of the taco was a bit overpowering, I thought. But we had to try them. Chick pea fries were A-plus. Not only was the company to die for, the weather perfect, and my dress hand-sewn, but the patio was nearly empty. On a Saturday night. With beautiful weather. I felt like royalty. We then traipsed to  a bar for some live tunes and socializing. It was just what I needed-a trip out where I’m not fretting about the baby needing me. He was tucked away in bed, with diligent grandparents ensuring the house didn’t burn down around him. Those grandparents.

Our first tomatoes are in!

The yellow’s are called Lemon Boys. We brought one of them with us to above-mentioned grandparent’s house to share our spoils (and because their tomatoes have been ambushed and ransacked by squirrels). It tasted like sunshine. Oren ate some, threw some on the floor, put some on his head, everything a humble tomato could hope for. Michael and I also hit a favorite trail of ours that winds through Shawnee Mission Park. This is the best way to spend morning nap time, with dingo in the stroller and all of us basking in sycamore trees and the grassy smell of Kansas summertime.

It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve made this walk. We had been so spoiled earlier in the summer with the numerous morning strolls. I am sure that there is a trail similar in Lawrence. But it wouldn’t be the same. This path is so conducive to fruitful plan-laying. This blog is a product of this trail. A future etsy shop is the product of this path. Michael’s decisions regarding school, and thus his career, have been pulled apart and put together here. Plots for short (and long) stories laid out and clarified. Herons, Hawks, and Buzzards awed at. I saw my first salamander, who knew Kansas had such a thing? This trail is magic, and magic is alive.

And I wouldn’t want to disappoint. You’ve been waiting patiently. It is Tuesday. Tuesday’s with Emily. Despite yet another week deprived of creative herbal ju-ju makin’ and cannin’, today was love-ly. A large lunch with multiple mamas and oodles of babes. Dingo Bologna was a bit intimidated by the presence of multiple 3+ year olds, and he was perplexed by those younger than him. He’s just kind of stuck in the middle, crawling around, being a floor boy. Lunch was a delicious mushroom and soba noodle soup and a fat fruit salad. It’s so lovely, the way this Emily character just opens her home weekly, no questions asked, no expectations, just show up. I typically try to bring a food offering, although today it was just a bottle of Kombucha. I did manage to snoop about the house and snap some photos I will lovingly call, “The textures of Emily’s home” (part two?). I may honestly have a bit of a compulsion to document the things people surround themselves by.

And because this post is not long enough yet–here is the latest in musical projects that my husband’s band has been working on. He is in the second band highlighted here (Ambulants). He can be seen sprinkled about, bassin’ around, and is in the last frame as well. He is also currently walking around the house in my button-down shirt, with his pants tucked into his tall white socks, wearing Birkenstock sandals. He is so sincerely such an amazing creature. He is sitting down to work on his “trucker story” and drink a juice box now. He has agreed to a guest post soon. I swear, he’ll blow your brains out.

As always. Thank you for reading. Thank you for stopping by.


Nicole VeeDub.


Author: Nicole

Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

2 thoughts on “In the midst of August:

  1. Hi Nicole! Dropping by from fb, we had the brief knitting discussion awhile back. Just want to say your writing and photos are lovely!

    Jessica Cox

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