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Where is Emily?


I know. Tuesday came and went, and our friend Emily did not show up on this blog. Don’t storm out on me! I assure you that I saw her this week and there are photos from our adventures. Due to her midwifing, we rescheduled this week’s date for a Wednesday. And I’ve not yet told you about all of the goodness we embarked upon because, well, Ogie-Bogue is cutting 5 teeth (at once) and is an endless ball of need, so I’ve been tending needs of the boy with shark mouth. It is worth mentioning that he was born right after Shark Week (and will somehow be turning one whole year old very soon).

Emily and I intended to make a tomato project, however, her garden had yielded only one large bowl of tomatoes so far. Can you believe her? This was a complaint. Only one very large mixing bowl of tomatoes. 

While we don’t have a fun recipe or concoction for the day, we do have some sage advice from the lady who knows her herbs. And today, this one goes out to the babes. The babes with the bottoms. What bottoms? The bottoms with problems (dance magic dance). If you’ll recall our adventure making the green salve for baby’s bottom, we are going to be utilizing a dallop of that and a few drops of Extract of Oregon Grape Root to cure the gnarliest cases of yeasty diaper rash. Emily swears that this has cleared her bub right up. Right up!

So. We muddled around the garden. Planted some fall greens of the Asian variety. Some beets. We heckled the utility workers trimming trees in the neighbor’s yard for the fallen limbs (think: autumnal fire pit fodder). We consumed a feast. We sniffed some tinctures-in-progress. We made plans for future projects. We swore to dig through fabric stashes, which didn’t happen because all three children simultaneously melted down and nap time ensued.

I leave you with a bit of Emily’s space. I can’t resist the tiny beautiful things in other people’s homes and have full permission to let you peek at them.

I leave you inspired:

“Really, all you need to become a good knitter are wool, needles, hands, and slightly below-average intelligence. Of course superior intelligence, such as yours and mine, is an advantage.”
― -Elizabeth Zimmermann

Her knitting books are a joy to read. I have laughed out loud on multiple occasions.



Author: Nicole

Hi there. My name is Nicole and I have an affinity for fiber art and home grown everything. I am a mother, seamstress, maker; so on and so forth. I'm here to share my escapades in sewing, parenting, and sometimes marriage (and infrequently, knitting). You can reach me at Nicolesheree@gmail.com. G'day.

2 thoughts on “Where is Emily?

  1. i really can’t help but consider elizabeth zimmerman a dear, personal friend. she has that effect, no?

    • She really, truly does. I have requested the video recording of Knitter’s Workshop from our library, they’ve had to dig it out of storage. I can’t wait! She is so lovely to read, I could read her patterns and instructions like a novel. So. Good.

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